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Undergraduate Teaching/Research Assistantship

Job Description and Duties

Purdue University Campus

Each semester, the Department hires a limited number of undergraduate students for Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UGTA) and Undergraduate Research Assistantships (UGRA) positions. Students are assigned to introductory and upper-division Economics courses offered by the Department of Economics (West Lafayette Campus). UGTA position can involve the following: grading, assisting with office hours, and providing review sessions. UGRA positions can involve the following: researching materials, creating data sheets and providing updated resources for review.  Expectation would be about 10 hours/week at $10.00/hour. 

Requirements To Be Considered For Assistantship

  • Admission into Upper Division Economics
  • Overall GPA of at least 3.0 and a GPA of at least 3.5 across all Economics Courses
  • Completion of at least three upper division Economics courses (including Econ 340)
  • If the position involves an upper division course, you must have completed that course with at least an A-grade.

Courses Seeking UGTA ( some or all of the following courses may need UGTA's in any given semester )

Econ 340 - Intermediate Microeconomics
Econ 352 - Intermediate Macroeconomics
Econ 360 - Econometrics
Econ 370 - International Trade
Econ 380 - Money and Banking
Econ 385 - Labor Economics
Econ 419 - Managerial Economics
Econ 451 - Game Theory
Econ 461 - Industrial Organization
Econ 471 - Behavioral Economics

Application Directions

  1. Complete all information requested on the application
  2. Submit application Mary Schultz, Economics Department, Krannert room 488 or email to

Application Timing

Applications for the summer 2021, fall 2021 and spring 2022 semester will be accepted at the end of the spring 2021 semester.  You will need to send a transcript with your most recent semester’s grades with application(will need to send spring unofficial transcript before application will be processed for summer/fall, fall transcript for spring application).  Please indicate on the application the semester(s) you are applying for. 

Once you are accepted for a position, you will be considered for that position the following semester.  Classes change each semester so a teaching assistant for the same course or instructor may not be available.  You will be placed with another class/instructor as long as one is available.  Research assistants will continue research as long as it is mutually agreeable to both.

If you are not accepted for a position, but meet all the qualifications your application will be held and you would be contacted if there are additional openings.  You would be notified if you do not meet the qualifications and could reapply when you meet the qualifications.

Questions can be directed to Mary Schultz, Departmental Assistant, Economics Department,