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Jeev Trika - Dean's Advisory Council

Jeev Trika

Jeev Trika
“Do-it-right” Digital Marketer

A digital marketing expert, serial entrepreneur, and owner of dozens of “go-to” reviews and rankings websites, Jeev Trika is well known for launching disruptive online businesses and taking them to the top. His successful e-business ventures have been built from the ground up based on strategic insights, a reliable roadmap, and aggressive execution … along with the right timing and a little bit of luck. Jeev’s winning philosophy is based on three core values he expects from both himself and his clients, employees, and partners: (1) value time; (2) invest whatever is necessary; and (3) take ownership. He earned his B.Sc. Computer Science at Purdue University and his Executive MBA at the world-renowned Krannert School of Management.