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2018 Case Competitions

October 2018

Conexus Auto Competition

Congratulation to the Purdue West Lafayette Interdisciplinary Team
2nd Place Finish at the 2018 Conexus Case Competition  

  • 1st PLACE: Purdue University, Fort Wayne 
    • Prize: $5000
  • 2nd PLACE: Purdue University, WL
    • Prize: $2000
  • 3rd PLACE: IUPUI, Indianapolis 
    • Prize: $1000

Photo of Purdue WL 2nd Place Team at Conexus Automotive Case Competition
(left to right): Ruoxi Zhang (Junior), major: Industrial Engineering; Jiani He (Junior), major: Industrial Engineering; Ruilin Liu (Senior), major: Finance & Accounting; Kevin Tee (Senior), major: Computer Science 

March 2018

A-first place team


Congratulations to PURDUE STUDENTS! 


  • 1st PLACE: Dhruv Patel and Grant Troyer
  • 2nd PLACE: Akash Raju and Vishal Vasan
  • FINALISTS: Hayden Grow and Nick Zimmerman & James Hamilton and Karan Sethi


  • RAPID RECOVERY: Grant Troyer

During the March 22-23, 2018 STAMINA2+ Crowe Horwath Case Competition freshmen and sophomores working in teams of 2 had 2.5 hours to analyze a case and create a presentation on Thursday night.

On Friday morning, the participants presented their recommendations to a group of judges who evaluated the presentation and also provided honest feedback.

At this STAMINA2+ case competition, students enjoyed the opportunity to use their critical thinking skills and apply their classroom learning to help solve real problems. 

Students from the Krannert School of Management, College of Engineering, and College of Science participated in this competition. The competitors plan to recommend the STAMINA interactive-learning experience to other students.

THANKS to Crowe Horwath for sponsoring this case competition, and for sending judges to provide valuable feedback to the participants.

Dyviam Shah, a Purdue Junior directed this competition in partnership with colleagues involved in the LCS Case Association.

STAMINA is a rigorous case competition series sponsored by the Krannert School of Management. The STAMINA series was developed at Purdue University by the Leadership Communication Studio (LCS) in collaboration with consultants.

First Place Team: Kavan Zommers, Nick Hathoot, Sumedh Badve, Kevin Smith
Second Place Team: Can Zhoa, Maat Butler, Dhruv Patel, Alex Kortepeter
Executive Presence Award: Leah Skillington & Roshn Marwah

Participants toured a large dairy farm, paneled with representatives from Land O Lakes, and received a written case. Teams of four students working on teams were given 4-hours to prepare a recommendation to judges. Special thanks to Land O’ Lakes for sponsoring this unique learning opportunity at Purdue. The LCS partners with the School of Agriculture to host this learning experience.
More details coming. 

Executive Presence Valuation Case Competition at LCS
Executive Presence and Best Presenter - Amy Kierna

Nine teams of Purdue students ranging from sophomores to seniors in a variety of majors from colleges across campus took part in the first annual Inaugural Valuation Case Competition. The competition was held at the Krannert School on February 23, 2018. The Leadership Communication Studio hosted the competition in partnership with the Purdue Finance Club and the Dean’s Office. To prepare for the competition, participants had the opportunity to attend the Wall Street Prep Workshop and 80 students from across took advantage of this learning opportunities. Students selected to compete in the competition gained access to Capital IQ, and attended a valuation workshop presented by Dr. Sergey Chernenko, an esteemed professor in finance.

In the Valuation Competition, students had the option to work with undergraduates and/or master students. The task was to analyze the value of a firm, provide logical reasoning as to why it is undervalued and provide a valuation recommendation to a group of a venture capitalist.

2018 Judges/Coaches

  • Richard Byrd
    Senior Vice President, US Capital Partners

  • Kenneth Harling, PhD
    Professor, Wilfrid University
    Visiting Professor, Purdue University

  • Chris Moorman
    Hoosier Hill, INC.

  • Kelvin Pennington
    Managing Principal
    Pennington Partners

  • Charlene Sullivan, PhD
    Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs
    Associate Director of Finance
    School of Management, Purdue

Winning Teams

Team 1 - Valuation Case Competition at LCS1st Place Team - CVS - Kavan Zommers, Nick Hathoot, Sumedh Badve, Kevin Smith
Team 2 - Valuation Case Competition at LCS2nd Place Team - Celgene - Mitch Witteveen, Drew Greene, Adam Dickson, Matt Rittman

We applaud these student teams who worked diligently to showcase their best at this competition.


February 2018




Zimmer Biomet hosted the second annual finance case competition at the School of Management in collaboration with the Leadership Communication Studio. This year, thirty six students participated in the Zimmer Biomet STAMINA4 case competition which provided students an opportunity to practice in roles as analysts.

Steven Caltrider, a Krannert alum and current Financial Analyst for Zimmer Biomet stressed the importance of case competitions and how it prepares students for the real world challenges.

“The amount of skills that you can learn by presenting in front of a company on their real world challenges, goes a long way in your future career. It sets you up to form smart habits while you’re in school. So when you start full time you have that opportunity to jump in on that first presentation and hit the ground running. It also teaches you creative skills as well as analytical thinking.”

Congratulations to these REMARKABLE STUDENTS

STAMINA4 Participants
STAMINA4 Participants

Executive Presence Award

  • Nan Ma
    School Of Management, Class Of 2019

First Place 

  • Julianne Hughes
    Supply Chain, Information and Analytics, and Finance
    School of Management, Class of 2020

  • Michael Kipp
    Strategy and Organizational Management
    School of Management, Class of 2020

  • Grant Troyer
    School of Management, Class of 2021

  • Dhruv Patel
    Finance and Economics
    School of Management, Class of 2020

This winning team signed up to participate for an opportunity to practice and showcase their creative, analytic, academic and finance skills outside of the standard classroom.


Additional photo of STAMINA4 Participants
STAMINA4 Participants

Second Place

  • Natalie Gurnik
    Engineering and Industrial Management
    School of Management, Class of 2021
  • Pratik Kagrana
    Industrial Management and Computer Science
    School of Management Class of 2019

  • Joseph Sawicki
    Industrial Management and Computer Science
    School of Management, Winter Class of 2018

  • Clarke Wilson
    Pharmaceutical Sciences
    School of Pharmacy, Winter Class of 2018

The second place team participated in this competition to put their problem-solving skills to the test, learn more about the career opportunities, and to deliver a strong set of recommendations to the Zimmer Biomet.

THANKS to the Zimmer Biomet Judges who provided valuable feedback to the students to help them excel in their future endeavors.

  • Steven Caltrider
    Financial Analyst, Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Derek Thwaits
    Senior Financial Analyst, Quality and Regulatory

  • Cara Burris
    Finance Manager, Operations

Zimmer Biomet Guest and Coach: 

  • Colton Geiger
    Associate Financial Analyst, Hips Finance

November 2018

Krannert Kelley

Congratulations to the Purdue West Lafayette Team’s
2st Place Finish at the Year [Insert Case] Competition  

  • 1st PLACE: Indiana University, Bloomington
  • 2nd PLACE: Purdue University, West Lafayette
  • Finalist: Purdue University, West Lafayette
  • Finalist:  Indiana University, Bloomington 

The second place team consisted of: Talia Sanders, Tiffany Zheng, Eesha Patel, Meagan Cooper

December 2018

Purdue IU

Congratulations to the Purdue West Lafayette Team’s
1st Place Finish at the Purdue / IU Competition  

  • 1st PLACE: Purdue University, West Lafayette
  • 2nd PLACE: Indiana University, Bloomington
  • 3rd PLACE: Indiana University, Bloomington
  • 4th PLACE: Purdue University, West Lafayette

The 1st place team consisted of: Frandy Fauzi, Priyanka Jain, Srijan Saurabh, Jung Won Choi

The 4th place team consisted of: Lorena Bustamante, Sonia Daryani, Juilee Bhosale, Kiran Samayam

February 2019

Four students holding the winning check for the Powershift case competition.

Congradulations to the winning team of the 2019 Powershift Case Competition, and a HUGE thank you to all of the outstanding students who participated. 

FIRST PLACE: Michael Kipp, Xavier Nienvaver. Julianne Hughes, and Caleigh Tiley 

Powershift was a very popular competition this year, managed by Krannert's Women in Business. Students had one week to prepare their presentations and then present to a panel of judges from Accenture, Phillips 66, Arcelor Mittal, and GM. Following the competition was a special presentation from Alessandra Rosa, an EEOC Trial Attourney, who discussed sexual harrassment in the workforce.