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Case Competition Workshops
Tim Koegel workshop

2020-21 Cases and Experiences

The inaugural MGMT 310 Financial Management Research Challenge final presentations were held on December 10. This was a first time in-course experience. Thank you to the Purdue Federal Credit Union and our alumni friends for their support in helping us enhance and grow our student experiences.

 Results from the fall 2021 competition are listed below.  

Following the virtual judging, six teams presented in-person to senior leadership from the Krannert School of Management and Purdue Federal Credit Union (PFCU).  

 First place: Team 22
Chase VanKlaveren, Matthew Stanish, Brock Tengolics, Mohnish Shah and Andrew Charlton
 Team 22
 Second place: Team 6
Amanda Schafer, Yurong Zhang and Anna Hong (pictured below), Ashni Sonawala and Giovanna Terry
Team 6
Adam McKinney
 Above, Adam McKinney, (second from left) speaks with participants
Mr. McKinney is a Senior Credit Analyst with PFCU
Bob Falk 
Above, (middle) Associate Dean Charlene Sullivan and Bob Falk, PFCU President & CEO, speak with participants
Above, (left to right) Fabricio d’Almeida, Chase VanKlaveren, Brock Tengolics, Andrew Charlton, Adam McKinney, Dean Charlene Sullivan, Bob Falk, Mohnish Shah and Matthew Stanish

Congratulations to our Fall 2021 MGMT 100 and MGMT 291 in-course outstanding presentation winners!

The students were challenged to practice real-world business management skills to analyze a business case and to provide insightful consulting advice. The work culminated in the successful development and delivery of an executive-level presentation to deliver the team’s recommendation.

 The case topic was the Prairie Equipment company, where the owner is challenged with a decision on how fast to grow his business, and whether to consider geographic expansion as well as the potential to bring in an ownership partner. Additionally, choices must be made on capital and personnel options to increase capacity in support of the expected growth.

The analytical, teamwork and presentation skills developed in this project are important differentiators for employers and are key elements of the Krannert brand.

The following teams were all awarded $500 for their efforts, and worked under the direction of Lecturers Dr. Kenneth Harling and David Randich.

MGMT 100: Section 1, Team 4
Gavin Han, Kailey Leuer, and Yana Sheoran
MGMT 100: Section 2, Team 7
Hugh Cochran, Jeremy Kwon, Emily Richford and Erica Wang
MGMT 100: Section 3, Team 3
Erica Hedrick, Logan McClain and Vyctoria Peek
MGMT 100: Section 4, Team 4
Kairon Chung, Tyler Green, James Tolland and Zachary Walter
MGMT 291: Team 8
Max Farrell, John Lucas, Xander Roland and Alyssa Younker
MGMT 291: Team 21
Evan Coffman, Alice Dinh, James Schubert and Nicholas Sebal


The MGMT 110 Eli Lilly Case Competition was held on November 20, 2021, in Rawls Hall, Krannert School of Management. Congratulations to the winning teams, and a big thank you to Eli Lilly and Company.

Team members are pictured below along with (left) Preston Holb, Finance Director, Eli Lilly and Company, and (right) Heather Howard, Associate Professor, Purdue Libraries.

1st Place Team:  LC3-1
Team Members: Kyle Carlson, Tully Fenters, Jon Putman and Brooke Ratliff

2nd Place Team:  LC2-4
Team Members: Libby Plassard and Seth Wilson (also Lauren Bleke and David Kolssak, who are not pictured)

3rd Place Team:  LC3-5
Team Members: Samantha Bloom, Victoria Crowe, Teresa Geisler and Sam Maylee
The UCONN International Business Case Challenge winners were announced at the November 6th closing ceremony.
Jiyoon Im, Mustafa Rehmane and Michael Shen all placed in the competition. Please join us in congratulating these Purdue students! 
Jiyoon Im Michael Shen Mustafa Rehmane
Jiyoon Im
2nd Place
Michael Shen
2nd Place and Best Presenter Preliminary Round
Mustafa Rehmane
3rd Place


Congratulations to the 1st Place 2021 Conexus Indiana Case Competition Team! The competition was held November 4-5, 2021.

Team members include Christopher Ghita, Jackson Hahn, Hayden Phillips and Tyler Spurling, none of which had participated in a case competition previously!

 Conexus Team Photo

On Tuesday, September 27, 2021, the STAMINA/IT Analytics Case Competition Final Round and Awards Ceremony was held in Stewart Center. Eighteen teams presented that afternoon. Please join us in congratulating our award winners.

1st Place: Boilerminers

Piper Doyle, Michael Jonelis, Ryan Egbert and Alejandro Brillembourg Cuenca

2nd Place: FF4

Amaan Ansari, Raghav Taparia, Shubham Goyanka and Aditha Kothari

3rd Place: WRCC Consulting

Jonna Wei, Vivek Rao, Paul Chen and Chaya Cherukupalli

Honorable Mention Teams:

Cocoon Consulting - Michael Shen, Hubert Huang, Rita Yen and Michelle Kosasih

We Love Data - Soyeon Baik, Meghan Harris, Evan Tiffany and Kai Chang

Resilience - Sushmita Payal, Utkarsh Bajaj, Prachi Bahtt and Karandeep Mann

Virtual Communication Individual Awards:

Michael Shen, Jiayi Zou, Madeleine Silitonga and Piper Doyle

Morning STAMINA Communication Individual Awards:

Megan Harris, Piper Doyle and Michael Shen

Final Round Outstanding Communicator Award:

Michael Shen

Freshman STAMINA Award:

Tyler Cole

Purdue students placed first at the 9th annual University of Chicago Trading Case Competition. The competition was held virtually on April 16-17.

Students from universities around the world with a passion for trading and quantitative finance compete in this program. The Purdue team was comprised of three Krannert students and one engineering student.

Congratulations to Purdue Team Members Eli Coltin, Kenneth Kanwischer, David Nickel and Williams Tian.

The following students received honorable mention at the Eighth National Undergraduate Supply Chain Case sponsored by the University of Minnesota held April 15-17, 2021.

Purdue has participated in this competition for four years and according to the team’s faculty coach Dr. Amy David, “this our first time being recognized at this rigorous competition.”

Melissa Evens, Director of the Communication Center, shares the competition is created to provide students an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to solve a supply chain and operations business problem. 

The team worked on a case to fully automate parts and materials systems. Yasmeen AlMorohen, a team lead stated, “we are ever grateful for this incredible opportunity provided to us and honored to represent Purdue University in such a rigorous program.”

This competition: The Communication Center provides coaching and coordinates the Purdue team, we work in partnership with Dr. David.

 Congratulations to these students!

 Anthony “Dayne” Arnett

Jose Arias

Liliana Pavicich

Yasmeen AlMorohen

The 2021 Scope Junior Enterprise and KSM Consulting Spring Case Competition ended on April 12 with final presentations and the awards announcement.

Congratulations to the top three teams!

First Place - North Consulting. Team members: Bruno Carrilho, Aaron Nunes, Lucas Fu and Hunter Malmin.

Second Place - Boiler Innovations. Team members: Isabella Di Domenico, Skyler Tucker, Julia Iglesias and Matthew Kim.

Third Place - The Analysts. Team members: Fareesa Mundh, Adeline Hauck, Grace Mathews and Zizi Musoke.

The 2021 United for Diversity Case Competition Awards Ceremony was held on April 16. A very big thank you to our sponsor partner, United Way. 

Congratulations to the winners!

The ChangeMakers


First Place - The ChangeMakers. Team members: Krati Gupta, Kusac Wersikowsky Negrete, Leslie Renee Fuqua, Raghu Ajmera and Sharanya Cavin Vivekh.

Second Place - Change Champions. Team members: Charlie Randall, Coleen Gabhart and Grace Kraus.

Third Place - We. Team members: Anushka Biyani, Carson Canfield, Mariam Al Yakoob, Robin Murphy and Supreet Thiara.

Honorable Mention - AAA. Team members: Arya Shembekar, Isha Gupta, Madeline Woodrow, Margot Cruz Portillo and Victoria Sinfield.

Honorable Mention - Alloy Alliance. Team members: Allizae Diane Crayton, Charles Geis, Matthew Thomas, Patricia Redulla and Yashi Ladhani.

Honorable Mention - Three of a Kind. Team members: Katarina Nikolovski, Kenneth Peijs and Sanjana Sanjay Manjrekar.

Outstanding Communicator - Leslie Renee Fuqua

Outstanding Communicator - Olivia West

The 2021 Zimmer Biomet Case Competition awards presentation was on March 1st. Congratulations to all award winners, and a special thank you to our sponsor, Zimmer Biomet.

1st Place: Boilermet Solutions (Corinne Chen, Jake Scholz, Nathan Nicholson and Philip Bishara)


2nd Place: Investment and Trading at Purdue Team 1 (Antonella Campos, Maria Camargo, Payton Riechmann and Yug Mahajan)

Honorable Mention: Purdue Consultants (Tanvi Inani, Emily Cassanmagnago, Esha Bahl and Vilina Gupta)

Outstanding Communication Award: Philip Bishara

View the award presentation PowerPoint here.


The 2021 PowerShift Case Competition awards presentation was held on February 26.

Congratulations to the following teams/individuals who received awards, and a big thank-you to our corporate sponsors; Accenture, GM, John Deere, and Pepsico.

 First Place

1st Place: Change Champions (Charlie Randall, Grace Kraus and Coleen Gabhart)

2nd Place: Black & Gold Team (Colton Kaplan, Daniella Cobos, Zinnia Arshad, Kanak Agrawal and Kalp Shah)

3rd Place: BoilerMaker Consulting (Corinne Chen, Rosemary Wu, Sally Wei, Elizabeth Stallman and Yasmeen Almorohen)

Honorable Mention: The Impulse (Priscilla Garcia, Zul Amin Bin Zulkipli, Vivian Huang and Sharruna Ramanathan)

Honorable Mention: Core 4 (Alia Kabba, Lumari Perez, Olivia West and Tyler Lamar)

Honorable Mention: Team Equity (Ishita Shah, Anupama Sunil, Phalguni Vatsa, Hasit Yarlagadda and Eswar Sai Prathap Singavarapu)

Executive Presence Award: Olivia West

Best Communicator Awards: Grace Kraus, Kaitlyn Reeves and Corinne Chen

View the award presentation PowerPoint here.

The 2020 UConn International Business Case Challenge competition awards were presented on November 7. We are happy to report that two Krannert students placed in that competition:

Congratulations, Valerie and Fareesa!

Valerie Cornelio

Valerie Cornelio - 2nd Place
Team: Global Assets

Fareesa Mundh Fareesa Mundh - 3rd Place
Team: SMS Consulting



Pictured above is team "The Freakonomists."

The Kelley-Krannert Case Competition was held November 6-7, 2020. Three teams from the Krannert School of Management placed. Congratulations to all.

2nd Place Team: The Freakonomists
Valerie Cornelio, Christopher Jing, Trystan Manning, Vinya Cherian

Finalist: Dragons Consulting
Wyatt Simkins, Nathan Nicholson, Xinyue Chen, Calei Kelly

Finalist: Specialists Consulting
Daniel Tillinghast, Grace Bosma, Mikaela Bretz, Caleb Whitehead









Yash Shewani
Major in Economics and Data Analytics/Minor in Statistics
Krannert School of Management, 2020

The STAMINA IT Analytics Case Competition of 2020 has been the most wholesome college experience I have had till date. I chose the word ‘wholesome’ because unlike a college course, it did not test my knowledge in one particular field. In fact, while participating, I felt that from time management to communication, and research to problem solving, my cumulative life experience was being tested. Out of the numerous, intangible life lessons that I am grateful to have learned through STAMINA, I would like to elaborate on two of them.

First, I learned that conflict is synonymous to ‘learning’. Ideas collide, teammates disagree and arguments get heated, but simultaneously, information is shared, knowledge is gained and relationships are built. There is a notable distinction between ‘handling conflict’ and ‘handling conflict positively’. The latter is a product of effective communication and emotional maturity. It involves accepting that unique, diverse perspectives are ubiquitous. These perspectives may differ from yours, but isn’t that what makes your perspective unique, like the rest of them? Understanding different perspectives is integral. As Dr. Wayne Dyer once said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Second, I enhanced my idea implementation skills. In order to formulate an effective solution, the idea behind it needs to be adequate in theory, nonetheless, it needs to be practically viable. Accustomed to indulging in theoretical research, I found myself venturing into a different realm, where I was made to bridge theory with reality. This bridge was practical significance – the aspect that differentiates idealistic and realistic ideas.

In conclusion, I believe that I have found my extracurricular. Experiencing a case competition instilled a sense of self-confidence in me. I would like to sum up my learnings at STAMINA with a sentence from Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell – “if you work hard enough and assert yourself, and use your mind and imagination, you can shape the world to your desires.”




We are THEIMPULSE and this is the story about our crazy journey at the STAMINA case competition. First of all, let us introduce ourselves. Our team is composed of 4 members. Priscilla, majoring in Finance and Marketing, Vinya in Economics, Marcela, who is majoring in Supply Chain and Technology and Sharruna who is majoring in Actuarial Science and Applied Statistics. Now, let’s go back in time to when this crazy journey started. It was the last day of registration when Priscilla thought it would be a great idea to take part in a case competition. The other members weren’t convinced. This was outside of our comfort zones and area of expertise. After some convincing, we all decided to go for it; because either way we would still pick up on a few skills, whether we made it to the top 6 or not.

Everything was set, we had just started to get warmed up to the idea and a few days later we received the case study and the data. Once we saw it, we were more than convinced that this was not something in our turf. However, we all decided to give it our best shot regardless of what might be the outcome. At this point in time, we were dealing with thoughts of insecurity and we thought that this case competition was “just for the experience”. Our team was still dedicated and determined to see something good come out of this. We put our underdog thoughts behind us and worked hard. We were determined to come up with a solution for the problem with the data provided. We were working at a very fast pace and there were nights where we even dreamt about our case and the problems it had. Time flew and the day to submit our first presentation had arrived. We were all nervous, but at the same time we were proud of ourselves because we managed to present good material. We were all constantly encouraging each other because despite the circumstances and the pressure, we had not given up.

Then came the announcement of the top 6. To be honest, we were not expecting to get into the top 6 among so many strong teams. At around 7 p.m. on the day the top 6 teams were being announced, we received congratulation emails. We were all shocked and surprised. We thought “maybe we do stand a chance in this competition”. As soon as we found out, we called each other and realized that we were all thinking the same thing “how did this happen?”

After dealing with the shock and the ecstasy of making it to the top six, it was time for us to prepare for the final round. During the final round, we only had 15 minutes to show the judges our hard work. We were already proud of ourselves for making it to the top 6, so for our final presentation we just decided to give it our best shot once again because that worked in the past.

When we heard the final results, we were speechless. We joined this competition for the experience and had come out of it with second place and on top of that, one of our members won the executive presence award.  

Thanks to this competition we learned a lot about ourselves on a personal and professional level. This case made us try something new, we pushed ourselves to deliver professional work and we learned how we could best support our teammates. All of us agreed that this case competition allowed us, good friends, to know more about each other on a professional level and learn how hard work never disappoints. We are so glad we decided to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and join this competition. If we get the chance next year, we will surely join it again!

On Friday, October 23, 2020, the following awards were presented:

Executive Presence Award: Marcela Moncada

 4th Place – Guassians of the Galaxy: Karthikeyan Subramanian, Himanshi Gajjar, Giridharan Moorthy, Nivedhithaa S.

3rd Place – Data not Data: Filza Mundh, Noah Jaraczewski, Fareesa Mundh, Amal Dave

 2nd Place – THEIMPULSE: Priscilla Gracia, Vinya Cherian, Sharruna Ramanathan, Marcela Moncada

1st Place – Boilermaker Specialists: Mikaela Bretz, Daniel Tillinghast, Grace Bosma, Mathew Harstine

Congratulations to all!

Download Awards Presentation PPT

On Monday, October 19, 2020, the following awards were presented during the ProjectX 2.0 Business Insights Challenge Awards and Celebration event.

Pitch for Impact Award - First Place - Team 9; Yuzhou Lei, Elizabeth Jensen, Xinyue (Corinne) Chen

Pitch for Impact Award - Second Place - Team 1; Abigail Seberger, SeoJeong Kim, Luke Rich, Youssef Errihani

Pitch for Impact Award - Third Place - Team 7: Preethi Goli, Maria Rosales

Community Favorite Award - First Place - Team 6; Alyssa Braunstein; Korbin Hensley; Sophie Donegan

Community Favorite Award - Second Place - Team 8; Raghu Shri Shiv Kumar, Emily Cassanmagnago, Tyler Fanyo-Tabak

Community Favorite Award - Third Place - Team 16; Kat Payne, Jiecheng Yao, Natasha Scarlett

ProjectX Safe Campus Top Teams

 The following received the Top Team award for each category. Thank you to all that participated in the ProjectX Safe Campus Virtual Consulting Experience.

Top Team-Scenario 1: SuClean-Theorists
Calvin Huang, Gwynelle Condino, Jack Sharba, Kareem Harb, Noor Abdullah

Top Team-Scenario 2: Quaranteam
Elizabeth Penola, Grace Rowland, John Salvas, Robin Murphy

Top Team-Scenario 3: United for a Cause
Aayushya Nair, Chau Phan, Chengyu Bi, Cindy Ng, Emma Shelton, Gloria Dietz

Top Team-Scenario 4: Middle Lounge Consulting
Akio Fujita, Kevin Zhang, Michael Kusz, Nathan Berry

Download Awards Presentation PPT