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Spring 2021

GSCMI Conference Schedule

Supply Chain Resilience in the Covid Age
This table displays the schedule for the 2021 GSCMI Spring Conference.




Steve Dunlop Purdue University 8:30-8:35
Dean Hummels Purdue University 8:35-8:40
Dr. Ananth Iyer Purdue University 8:40-8:45
Alex Zelikovsky  Vice President, eCommerce Technology at Lowe's Companies, Inc 8:45-9:05
Dr. Ananth Iyer Purdue University 9:05-9:25
Bryce Carpenter Vice President, Industry Engagement, Conexus Indiana 9:25-9:45
Q&A  Moderated by Dr. Angus McLeod, WHIN consultant, Purdue University  9:45-9:55
Dr. Ananth Iyer (Center updates) Purdue University 9:55-10:10
Marcy Alstott  Managing Director at On Tap Consulting  10:10-10:30
Tracy Rosser Executive Vice President of Operations, Transplace 10:30-10:50
Kevin Sheehan Director Processor Engagement, National Pork Board 10:50-11:10
State Rep. Chris Campbell State Rep. 11:10-11:30
Q&A  Moderated by Roy Vasher, WHIN consultant, Purdue University  11:30-11:40
Closing Remarks Dr. Ananth Iyer 11:40-11:45
Introductions and judge briefing 1:00-1:10
Case Competition  Competition  (5 teams/ 15 min each) 1:10-2:25
Closing remarks and awards 2:25-2:40