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Purdue NSF  I-Corps Site Grant
Purdue NSF I-Corps Site Grant

Purdue University is a National Science Foundation I-Corps Site. NSF I-Corps Sites provide infrastructure, advice, resources, networking opportunities, training and modest funding to enable groups to transition their work into the marketplace or into becoming applicants for the NSF I-Corps Teams program.
With the support and mentorship of the Sites, teams learn first-hand about entrepreneurship and explore the transition of their ideas, devices, processes or other intellectual activities into the marketplace. The I-Corps Sites strengthen innovation locally and contribute to the National Innovation Network of mentors, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors. 

Purdue University faculty and students participating in Midwest and Purdue I-Corps Site programs are eligible for a Purdue NSF I-Corps Site Grant to cover travel expenses incurred while conducting customer discovery interviews. With some exceptions, I-Corps Site Grants are only for teams with Purdue Intellectual Property. To determine if you are eligible, contact the I-Corps Site Director.

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