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Kevin Mumford. “Why Have College Completion Rates Increased? An Analysis of Rising Grades” | Download |

Kevin Mumford. “Student Selection into an Income Share Agreement” | Download |

Timothy Bond & Jillian Carr. "Hungry for success? SNAP timing, high-stakes exam performance, and college attendance" | Download |

Timothy Bond & Kevin Mumford. "Teacher Performance Pay in the United States: Incidence and Adult Outcomes" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "Learning About Unobserved Heterogeneity in Returns to Schooling" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "A semiparametric investigation of the school quality-gs relationship" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "Bayesian Modeling of School Effects Using Hierarchical Models with Smoothing Priors" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "Three Essays on Bayesian Inference in Econometrics with an Application to Estimating the Returns to Schooling Quality" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "A finite‐sample hierarchical analysis of wage variation across public high schools: evidence from the NLSY and high school and beyond" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "The effects of cognitive ability and high school quality on college entry decisions: nonparametric estimation of parameters of interest" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "Assessing Assessments of School Performance" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "Bayesian inference in a correlated random coefficients model: Modeling causal effect heterogeneity with an application to heterogeneous returns to schooling" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "Model uncertainty and race and gender heterogeneity in the college entry decision" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "Do dropouts suffer from dropping out? Estimation and prediction of outcome gains in generalized selection models" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "Schools, school quality and achievement growth: Evidence from the Philippines" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "Learning about heterogeneity in returns to schooling" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "Are Returns to Schooling Concentrated Among the Most Able? A Semiparametric Analysis of the Ability–earnings Relationships" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "Simple Estimators for Treatment Parameters in a Latent Variable Framework with an Application to Estimating the Returns to Schooling" | Download |

Miguel Sarzosa. "Unintended Consequences of Free College: Self-Selection into the Teaching Profession" | Download |

Miguel Sarzosa. "Victimization and Skill Accumulation: The Case of School Bullying" | Download |

Miguel Sarzosa. "Effects of Disruptive Peers in Endogenous Social Networks" | Download |

Miguel Sarzosa. "Bullying among Adolescents: The Role of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills" | Download |

Victoria Prowse. "Using Goals to Motivate College Students: Theory and Evidence from Field Experiments" | Download |

Kevin Mumford. "Student Performance in Undergraduate Economics Courses" | Download |

Kevin Mumford. "Influence of Job Market Conditions on Engineering Cooperative Education Participation" | Download |

Kevin Mumford. "Examining the Influence of Engineering Students’ Course Grades on Major Choice and Major Switching Behavior" | Download |

Timothy Moore. "The White/Black Educational Gap, Stalled Progress, and the Long-term Consequences of the Emergence of Crack Cocaine Markets" | Download |

Clifford Fisher. "Income Assignment Contracts: Are These Simply Indentured Servitude Contracts with a New Name?" | Download |

Timothy Bond. "CareerVis: Hierarchical Visualization of Career Pathway Data" | Download |

Jillian Carr. "The Effects of State-Mandated Abstinence-Based Sex Education on Teen Health Outcomes" | Download |

Timothy Bond. "The Evolution of the Black-White Test Score Gap in Grades K-3: The Fragility of Results" | Download |

John M. (Jack) Barron. "Textbook Treatments of the Financial Market in the IS-LM Model" | Download |

John M. (Jack) Barron. "The Effects of High School Athletic Participation on Education and Labor Market Outcomes" | Download |

John M. (Jack) Barron. "Adoption of Technology-Mediated Learning in the U.S. Decision Support Systems" | Download |

Timothy Bond. “The Black-White Education Scaled Test-Score Gap in Grades K-7” | Download |

Timothy Bond. "Updating Human Capital Decisions: Evidence from SAT Score Shocks and College Applications" | Download |

Miguel Sarzosa. "The Children of the Missed Pill" | Download |