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Fiscal Policy

Cathy Zhang. “Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy in a Currency Union with Frictional Goods Markets" | Download |

Trevor Gallen. “Are Income Differences Driven By Talent Or Tastes? Implications For Redistributive Taxation" | Download |

Cathy Zhang. "Responding to the Inflation Tax" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "Topics in Identification, Limited Dependent Variables, Partial Observability, Experimentation, and Flexible Modeling: Part A" | Download |

Brian Roberson. "Dynamic Scoring Contests: Theory and Experiment" | Download |

Brian Roberson. "All-Pay Auctions with Ties" | Download |

Brian Roberson. "The Attack and Defense of Weakest-Link Networks" | Download |

Huseyin Gulen. "Horizon Bias and the Term Structure of Equity Returns" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "An Alternate Parameterization for Bayesian Nonparametric/Semiparametric Regression" | Download |

Brian Roberson. "The Optimal Defense of Networks of Targets" | Download |

David Hummels. "The income elasticity of import demand: Micro evidence and an application" | Download |

Huseyin Gulen. "Size Matters Under Ambiguity" | Download |

Trevor Gallen. "Transportation Capital and its Effects on the U.S. Economy: A General Equilibrium Approach" | Download |

Clifford Fisher. "Big Data and the Bigger Picture" | Download |

Timothy Bond. "Local information, income dispersion, and geographic mobility" | Download |

John M. (Jack) Barron. "Turnover in Top Management and De-escalation of Commitment" | Download |

Justin Tobias. "Nonparametric estimation in economics: Bayesian and frequentist approaches" | Download |

Ralph Siebert. "Dynamic Impact of Uncertainty on R&D Cooperation Formation and Research Performance: Evidence from the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry" | Download |

Brian Roberson. "Targeted Campaign Competition, Loyal Voters, and Supermajorities" | Download |

Stephen Martin. "Costly location in Hotelling duopoly" | Download |

Trevor Gallen. "Bridging the Gap between Representative-Agent and Heterogeneous-Agent Models" | Download |

Clifford Fisher. "An Entrepreneurial Innovation Model for Competitive Advantage: Logistics Business Case Studies" | Download |

Miguel Sarzosa. "Implementing Factor Models for Unobserved Heterogeneity in Stata" | Download |

Brian Roberson. "The Colonel Blotto game" | Download |

Kevin Mumford. "Prosperity, Sustainability and the Measurement of Wealth" | Download |

Clifford Fisher. "Export Payment Collection for Entrepreneurs and Exporters: Multiple Case Studies of Post Uniform Customs & Practice 600" | Download |

Mara Faccio. "Discussion of Corporate Political Connections and Tax Aggressiveness" | Download |

Mara Faccio. "Taxes, Capital Structure Choices, and Equity Value" | Download |