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Mara Faccio & John McConnell. "Impediments to the Schumpeterian Process in the Replacement of Large Firms" | Download |

Huseyin Gulen. “Credit Cycles, Expectations, and Corporate Investment" | Download |

Huseyin Gulen. "Policy Uncertainty and Corporate Investment" | Download |

Mohammad Rahman. "Hacking the Value Gap: Cybersecurity Investments, Cybersecurity Talent, and Vulnerability Relative to Peers" | Download |

Mohammad Rahman. "Information Technology Investments, Asset Similarities, and Productivity" | Download |

Mohammad Rahman. "Crowd-Driven Competitive Intelligence: Understanding the Relationship Between Local Market Competition and Online Rating Distributions" | Download |

Mara Faccio & John McConnell. "Death by Pokémon GO: The Economic and Human Cost of Using Apps While Driving" | Download |

Mohammad Rahman. "Can 'Top Reviews' Save the Online Review Systems? Evidence from Empirical Analyses and a Quasi-Natural Field Experiment on Amazon" | Download |

Mohammad Rahman. "Shared Prosperity (or Lack Thereof) in the Sharing Economy" | Download |

Mohammad Rahman. "Avoid These Five Digital Retailing Mistakes" | Download |

Mohammad Rahman. "Proximity to a Traditional Physical Store: The Effects of Mitigating Online Disutility Costs" | Download |

Mohammad Rahman. "Research Note—An Internet-Enabled Move to the Market in Logistics" | Download |

Mohammad Rahman. "Economic and Policy Implications of Restricted Patch Distribution" | Download |

Ralph Siebert. "The Impact of R&D Cooperations and Mergers in Pharmaceuticals on Research Activities and Drugs Offered on the Market" | Download |

Ralph Siebert. "A Structural Model on the Impact of Prediscovery Licensing and Research Joint Ventures on Innovation and Product Market Efficiency" | Download |

Ralph Siebert. "The Impact of Subsidies Provided under Different R&D Policies to Vertically Differentiated Firms" | Download |

Cathy Zhang. “Competing Currencies in the Laboratory" | Download |