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Market Solutions

Ralph Siebert. "Estimating Differential Dynamic Merger Effects on Market Structure and Entry in Related Markets" | Download |

Mara Faccio. "Political Determinants of Competition in the Mobile Telecommunication Industry" | Download |

Mohammad Rahman. "The Effects of Sister-Store Presence and Market Competition on Product Assortment: Evidence from Book Retailing" | Download |

Joe Mazur. "Repositioning and Market Power After Airline Mergers" | Download |

Ralph Siebert. "The Impact of R&D Cooperations and Mergers in Pharmaceuticals on Research Activities and Drugs Offered on the Market" | Download |

Ralph Siebert. "Firm-specific time preferences and postmerger firm performance" | Download |

Ralph Siebert. "A Structural Model on the Impact of Prediscovery Licensing and Research Joint Ventures on Innovation and Product Market Efficiency" | Download |

Ralph Siebert. "The Impact of Subsidies Provided under Different R&D Policies to Vertically Differentiated Firms" | Download |

Stephen Martin. "Exclusivity and Exclusion on Platform Market" | Download |

Ralph Siebert. "What Determines Firms' Choices Between Ex Ante and Ex Post Licensing Agreements?" | Download |