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State Policies

Timothy Bond & Jillian Carr. "Hungry for success? SNAP timing, high-stakes exam performance, and college attendance" | Download |

Timothy Bond & Kevin Mumford. "Teacher Performance Pay in the United States: Incidence and Adult Outcomes" | Download |

Kevin Mumford. "A Bayesian analysis of payday loans and their regulation" | Download |

Huseyin Gulen. "The Selective Enforcement of Government Regulation: Battleground States and the EPA" | Download |

Timothy Bond. "Local information, income dispersion, and geographic mobility" | Download |

Jillian Carr. "The Effects of State-Mandated Abstinence-Based Sex Education on Teen Health Outcomes" | Download |

Jillian Carr. "The Effect of Sex Offender Registries on Recidivism: Evidence from a Natural Experiment" | Download |

Jillian Carr. "Keep the Kids Inside? Juvenile Curfews and Urban Gun Violence" | Download |

Jillian Carr. "SNAP Benefits and Crime: Evidence from Changing Disbursement Schedules" | Download |