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Mara Faccio. "Politically Connected Private Equity and Employment" | Download |

Mara Faccio. "CEO gender, corporate risk-taking, and the efficiency of capital allocation" | Download |

Mara Faccio. "Business Groups and Employment" | Download |

Farid Farrokhi. "Dynamic Amenities and Path Dependence in Location Choice: Evidence from Danish Refugee Placement" | Download |

Timothy Bond & Kevin Mumford. "Teacher Performance Pay in the United States: Incidence and Adult Outcomes" | Download |

Trevor Gallen. “Incentives, Distortions, and Peers" | Download |

Victoria Prowse. “Insurance, Redistribution, and the Inequality of Lifetime Income" | Download |

William B. McCartney. “Does Household Finance Affect Elections? Evidence from a Housing Crisis" | Download |

Timothy Bond. "The Sad Truth about Happiness Scales" | Download |

Timothy Bond. "Stalled Racial Progress and Japanese Trade" | Download |

David Hummels & Chong Xiang. "No Pain, No Gain: Work Demand, Work Effort, and Worker Health" | Download |

Chong Xiang. "The Production of Cognitive and Non-cognitive Human Capital in the Global Economy" | Download |

Victoria Prowse. "Optimal Social Assistance and Unemployment Insurance in a Life-Cycle Model of Family Labor Supply and Savings" | Download |

Farid Farrokhi. "Wage Inequality and the Location of Cities" | Download |

Miguel Sarzosa. "Unobserved Heterogeneity and Labor Market Discrimination Against Homosexuals" | Download |

Kevin Mumford. "An Evaluation Study on the Impact of Preventative Conflict Management on Written Grievances, Department Culture, and Retention" | Download |

Trevor Gallen. "Wedges, Wages, and Productivity under the Affordable Care Act" | Download |

Farid Farrokhi. "Skill, Agglomeration, and Inequality in the Spatial Economy" | Download |

Timothy Bond. "Prejudice and racial matches in employment" | Download |

Miguel Sarzosa. "Cognitive and socio-emotional abilities" | Download |

Victoria Prowse. "First-place Loving and Last-place Loathing: How Rank in the Distribution of Performance Affects Effort Provision" | Download |

Clifford Fisher. "Sex on Both Sides of the Pond" | Download |

Timothy Bond. "Internal Labor Markets in Equilibrium" | Download |

Miguel Sarzosa. "Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills for the Peruvian Labor Market" | Download |

David Hummels & Chong Xiang. "Offshoring and Labor Markets" | Download |

Kevin Mumford. "Who Benefits from a Minimum Wage Increase?" | Download |

Jillian Carr. "What Happened to Rosie?" | Download |