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Faculty Chairs

Jack Barron
Professor of Economics

Mike Campion
Herman C. Krannert Distinguished Professor of Management

Tim Cason
Professor of Economics
Gadomski Chair of Economics

Suresh Chand
Professor, Louis A. Weil Jr. Chair of Management
Academic Lead of One Year and Weekend MBA Programs

Mara Faccio
Duke Realty Chair in Finance
Professor of Management

Annabelle Feng
Professor of Management
John and Donna Krenicki Chair in Operations Management

Ananth Iyer
Senior Associate Dean
Susan Bulkeley Butler Chair in Operations Management

Manohar Kalwani
OneAmerica Professor of Management

Karthik Kannan
Professor of Management
Thomas J. Howatt Chair in Management
Associate Dean of Research & Partnerships

Ellen Ernst Kossek
Basil S. Turner Distinguished Professor of Management

Richard Makadok
Professor of Management
Brock Family Chair in Strategic Management

John McConnell
Burton D. Morgan Distinguished Chair of Private Enterprise (Finance)

Victoria Prowse
Associate Professor of Economics
Marge Magner Chair

J.George Shanthikumar
Richard E. Dauch Chair in Manufacturing and Operations Management

Mohit Tawarmalani
Professor of Management
Allison & Nancy Schleicher Chair of Management