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Recent Publications

Book Chapters

  • Morgeson, F. P. & Campion, M. A. (2021). Job and team design. Wiley, New York.

  • Bao, Y., X. Liu and A. Ullah (2021). On the Exact Statistical Distribution of Econometric Estimators and Test Statistics. Advances in Statistics - Theory and Applications, 119-131. | Related Website |

Conference Paper (refereed)

  • Campion, E. D., Zhu, S., & Campion, M. A. (2021). Human Resource Management Agility Practices: A Typology and Test of Effectiveness. Paper presented at the meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

  • Campion, M. A. (2021). ML and AI in Personnel Selection: A Call to Practitioners and Academics. Paper presented at the meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

  • Campion, M. A. (2021). Online Proctored Testing During a Pandemic: Issues to Consider. Paper presented at the meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

  • Campion, M. A. (2021). Using Computer-Assisted Text Analysis (CATA) in Personnel Selection. Paper presented at the meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

Forthcoming Publications

  • Lu, L.X and S.F. Lu (2021). Does Nonprofit Ownership Matter for Firm Performance? Evidence from Ownership Conversions of Nursing Homes. Management Science,

  • Zhou, C., Gill, M., Liu, Q. (2021). Empowering Education with Crowdfunding: Empirical Evidence from California Public Schools. Journal of Marketing Research, | Related Website |

  • Lu, K., Wei, Z., & Chan, T. (2021). Information Asymmetry among Investors and Strategic Bidding in Peer-to-Peer Lending. Information Systems Research, | Related Website |

  • Alyakoob, M., Rahman, M., & Wei, Z. (2021). Where You Live Matters: Local Bank Competition, Online Marketplace Lending, and Disparity in Borrower Benefits. Information Systems Research, | Related Website |

Journal Articles

  • Siebert, Ralph (2021). "Spatial Differentiation and Market Power in Input Procurement: Evidence from a Structural Model of the Corn Market", with Juan Sesmero and Jinho Jung,. American Journal of Agricultural Economics,

  • Siebert, Ralph (2021). "Why Do Buyers Pay Different Prices for Comparable Products? A Structural Approach on the Housing Market", with Michael J. Seiler,. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics,

  • Li, Y., Kleshinski, C. E., Wilson, K. S., Zhang, K. (2021). Age differences in affective responses to inclusion experience: A daily dairy study. Personnel Psychology, forthcoming.

  • Bruning, P. F., & Campion, M. A. (2021). Assessing job crafting competencies to predict tradeoffs between competing outcomes. Human Resource Management/Wiley, 1–26. | Related Website |

  • Kibris, O., Masatlioglu, Y., Suleymanov, E., (2021). A Theory of Reference Point Formation. Economic Theory, forthcoming,

  • Klose, B. & Schweinzer, P. (2021). Auctioning Risk: The All-Pay Auction under Mean-Variance Preferences. Economic Theory, | Related Website |

  • Seibert, S., Nielsen, J., & Kraimer, M. (2021). Awakening the entrepreneur within: Entrepreneurial identity aspiration and the role of displacing work events. Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 106 (8), 1224-1238.

  • Faccio, M., Morck, R. and Yavuz, M. D., (2021). Business Groups and the Incorporation of Firm-specific Shocks into Stock Prices.. Journal of Financial Economics, vol. 139 (3), 852-871.

  • Lenos G. Trigeorgis, Francesco Baldi, and Richard Makadok (2021). Compete, Cooperate, or Both? Integrating the Demand Side into Patent Deployment Strategies for the Commercialization and Licensing of Technology. Academy of Management Review, | Related Website |

  • Masatlioglu, Y., Suleymanov, E., (2021). Decision Making within a Product Network. Economic Theory, vol. 71 (1), 185–209. | Related Website |

  • Q. Qi, J. McConnell (2021). Does CEO Succession Planning (Disclosure) Create Shareholder Value?. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis,

  • Feng, Q. & Li, C. & Lu, M. & Shanthikumar, J.G. (2021). Dynamic substitution for selling multiple products under supply and demand uncertainties. Production and Operations Management, (Forthcoming),

  • X. Fang, Z. Jiang, B. Liu,, M. Zhou, J. McConnell (2021). Ease-of-processing Heuristics and Asset Prices: Evidence from the Exchange-traded Repo Market in China. Journal of Financial Markets,

  • Bao, Y. & Liu, X. (2021). Estimating a Spatial Autoregressive Model with Autoregressive Disturbances Based on the Indirect Inference Principle. Spatial Economic Analysis, vol. 16 (4), 506-529. | Related Website |

  • Guofang Huang, Haiyan Liu (2021). Estimating Expectations-Based Reference-Price Effects in the Used-Car Retail Market. Quantitative Marketing and Economics,

  • Sugato Chakravarty and co-authors (2021). Exploring the next generation of international entrepreneurship: A multidisciplinary perspective. Journal of World Business, vol. 56 (5),

  • Kubilay Cirik and Richard Makadok (2021). First-Mover Advantages Versus First-Mover Benefits: What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter?. Academy of Management Review, | Related Website |

  • Kossek, E.E., Perrigino, M., Gounden Rock, A. (2021). From Ideal Workers to Ideal Work for all: A 50-year review integrating Careers and Work-Family Research with a Future Research Agenda. Journal of Vocational Behavior, vol. 26 | Related Website |

  • Kejriwal, M. & Yu, X (2021). Generalized Forecast Averaging in Autoregressions with a Near Unit Root. The Econometrics Journal,

  • Perrigino, M., Kossek, E., Thompson, R. & Bodner, T. (2021). How Do Changes in Family Role Status Impact Employees? An Empirical Investigation. Journal of Humanities and Applied Social Sciences, | Related Website |

  • Laux, R., Christensen, D., & Kenchington, D. (2021). How do most low ETR firms avoid paying taxes?. Review of Accounting Studies, vol. Forthcoming

  • Laux, R., & Deng, Z. (2021). Income Shifting and U.S. International Trade in Goods Statistics. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, vol. Forthcoming

  • Wan, S., Bond, T.N., Lang, K., Clements, D.H., Sarama, J., & Bailey, D.H. (2021). Is intervention fadeout a scaling artefact?. Economics of Education Review, vol. 82 102090. | Related Website |

  • Nielsen, J. & Colbert, A. (2021). It's Not Always Sunny in Relationally Rich Jobs: The Influence of Negative Beneficiary Contact. Academy of Management Journal, forthcoming.

  • Bland, J. & Rosokha, Y. (2021). Learning Under Uncertainty with Multiple Priors: Experimental Investigation. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, vol. 62 157-176. | Related Website |

  • Chernenko, S., Lerner, J., & Zeng, Y. (2021). Mutual Funds as Venture Capitalists? Evidence from Unicorns. Review of Financial Studies, vol. 34 (5), 2362–2410. | Related Website |

  • Wei, Z., Xiao, M., & Rong, R. (2021). Network Size and Content Generation on Social Media Platforms. Production and Operations Management, vol. 30 (5), 1406-1426. | Related Website |

  • Kleshinski, C. E., Wilson, K. S., Street, J. S., & Scott, B. A. (2021). Principled leader behaviors: An integrative framework and extension of why leaders are fair, ethical, and non-abusive. Academy of Management Annals, vol. 15 (1), 1-36.

  • Kossek, E. E., Dumas, T. L., . Piszczek, M. M., Allen, T. D. (2021). Pushing the boundaries: A qualitative study of how STEM women adapted to disrupted work-nonwork boundaries during COVID-19. Journal of Applied Psychology,

  • Rahman, M., Alyakoob, M. (2021). Shared Prosperity (or Lack Thereof) in the Sharing Economy. Information Systems Research, vol. forthcoming | Related Website |

  • Arnold, J. D., Van Iddekinge, C. H., Campion, M. C., Bauer, T. N., & Campion, M. A. (2021). Should You Rehire an Employee Who Left Your Company?. Harvard Business Review,

  • Atmaz, A. & Basak. S. (2021). Stock Market and No-Dividend Stocks. Journal of Finance,

  • Atmaz, A. (2021). Stock Return Extrapolation, Option Prices, and Variance Risk Premium. Review of Financial Studies, | Related Website |

  • Bloom, M., Colbert, A., Nielsen, J. (2021). Stories of calling: How called professionals construct narrative identities. Administrative Science Quarterly, vol. 66 (2), 298-338.

  • Guofang Huang, K. Sudhir (2021). The Causal Effect of Service Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty. Management Science,

  • Chen, T., Sun, J., Rahman, M., and Hu, Y. (2021). The Effects of Sister-Store Presence and Market Competition on Product Assortment: Evidence from Book Retailing. Service Science, vol. forthcoming | Related Website |

  • Kossek, E. E., Gettings, P. Misra, K. , (2021). The Future of Flexibility at Work. Harvard Business Review, | Related Website |

  • Arnold, J. D., Van Iddekinge, C. H., Campion, M. C., Bauer, T. N., & Campion, M. A. (2021). Welcome Back? Job Performance and Turnover of Boomerang Employees Compared to Internal and External Hires. Journal of Management, vol. 47 (8), 2198-2225.

  • M. Alyakoob, M. Rahman, and Z. Wei (2021). Where You Live Matters: Local Bank Competition, Online Marketplace Lending, and Disparity in Borrower Benefits. Information Systems Research, vol. forthcoming | Related Website |

  • Bartels, A., Nahrgang, J. D., Sessions, H., Wilson, K. S., Wu, L. & Law-Penrose, J. C. (2021). With a frown or a smile: How leader affective states spark the leader-follower reciprocal exchange process. Personnel Psychology, forthcoming.

  • Wilson, K. S., Kleshinski, C. E., & Matta, F. K. (2021). You get me: Examining the implications of couples’ depersonalization agreement for employee recovery. Personnel Psychology, forthcoming.

  • Siebert, Ralph (2021). “Heterogeneous Foreclosure Discounts of Homes”. forthcoming, Journal of Real Estate Research,

  • Siebert, Ralph (2021). “What Determines Heterogeneous Merger Effects on Competitive Outcomes?”. forthcoming, Journal of Industrial Economics,

Other Publications

  • Kossek, E. Allen, T. & Dumas, T. (2021). Boundaryless Work: The Impact of COVID-19 on Work-Life Boundary Management, Integration, and Gendered Divisions of Labor for Academic Women in STEMM. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Wash., DC . The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. | Related Website |

Proceedings (refereed)

  • Yuan, Yuan, Kristen Altenburger, & Farshad Kooti (2021). Causal Network Motifs: Identifying Heterogeneous Spillover Effects in A/B Tests.. Proceedings of the Web Conference (WWW), | Related Website |

Working Papers

  • Siebert, Ralph B (2021). "Switching Beers? The Effects of Switching Costs on Prices and Profits in Competitive Markets," with Xiaoyang He. CESifo Working Paper, No. 9065.,

  • Eduardo Fe; David Gill; Victoria Prowse (2021). Cognitive skills, strategic sophistication, and life outcomes.

  • Yan, L., Zhu, T., Liu, Q. (2021). Donors, Buyers, and Information Disclosure in Crowdfunding Markets: A Case of Platform Split-up.

  • Siebert, Ralph (2021). Exploring the Heterogeneous Effects of State Price Transparency Laws on Charge Prices, Negotiated Prices, and Operating Costs, with Sebastian Linde. CESifo Working Paper No. 9348,

  • Zhao, H. & Kejriwal, M (2021). Factor-augmented Error Correction Model Averaging in Predictive Regressions.

  • Chernenko, S., and Doan, V. (2021). Forced Sales and Dealer Choice in OTC Markets. | Related Website |

  • David Gill; Victoria Prowse (2021). The Creativity Premium.

  • Kejriwal, M. & Li, X. & Totty, E. (2021). The Efficacy of Ability Proxies for Estimating the Returns to Schooling: A Factor Model-Based Evaluation.