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Jillian Carr

Jillian Carr

Assistant Professor of Economics


Ph.D., Economics, Texas A&M

I'm an Assistant Professor of Economics in the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University. I received my PhD from Texas A&M University and my BA from Rhodes College in economics and math.

My research fields are applied microeconomics and labor economics, and my current research is on the economics of crime, urban economics and law and economics. I've studied a variety of topics including Section 8 Housing Vouchers, the effect of juvenile curfews on gun violence, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps). 

Currently, I teach undergraduate Public Finance and Taxation and graduate Public Economics. 

Journal Articles

  • Carr, J. & Packham, A. (2017). The Effects of State-Mandated Abstinence-Based Sex Education on Teen Health Outcomes. Health Economics, vol. 26 (4), 403-420. | Related Website | Download Download |

Forthcoming Publications

  • Carr, J. & Doleac, J. Keep the Kids Inside: Juvenile Curfews and Urban Gun Crime. Review of Economics and Statistics, | Related Website | Download Download |

Other Publications

  • Carr, J. & Doleac, J. The Geography, Incidence, and Underreporting of Gun Violence: New Evidence Using ShotSpotter Data. Brookings Policy Paper, | Related Website |

Working Papers

  • Carr, J. & Koppa, V. The Effect of Housing Vouchers on Crime: Evidence from a Lottery. | Related Website |
  • J. Carr and A. Packham SNAP Benefits and Crime: Evidence from Changing Disbursement Schedules. | Download |
  • Carr, J. & Rettenmaier, A. What Happened to Rosie?. | Related Website | Download |
  • Carr, J. The Effect of Sex Offender Registries on Recidivism: Evidence from a Natural Experiment. | Related Website | Download |
  • Grocery Store

    Meal Planning

    Prior to February 2010, Illinois delivered food stamps on the first day of every month. Then the state decided to spread distribution more evenly throughout the month. As a result, stores weren't hit with massive crowds all at once and officials weren't burdened with a large workload. New research from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management and Miami University featured in Business Insider suggests there could be another benefit of the change: a reduction in grocery store thefts.

    Full story: Meal Planning

  •  Gun Control

    Shot Stopper

    As gun violence continues to escalate nationwide, research coauthored by Krannert economics professor Jillian Carr takes aim at widely enforced juvenile curfew laws intended to reduce crime that may actually increase it.

    Full story: Shot Stopper

  • Purdue University livestreams panels on COVID-19 supply chain disruptions and economic implications

    Professors in the Krannert School of Management and College of Agriculture at Purdue University participated in an hourlong panel discussion and Q&A on May 18 about the disruptions to supply chains caused by COVID-19 and implications for consumers. Earlier in May, three Krannert faculty affiliates from the Purdue University Research Center in Economics (PURCE) hosted a Facebook Live event on the economic implications of COVID-19.

    Full story: Purdue University livestreams panels on COVID-19 supply chain disruptions and economic implications

Phone: (765) 496-0288
Office: KRAN 317

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economics of crime, public policy, labor economics