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Financial Aid | MS Accounting

Purdue understands that funding your education can be a challenge, and we work diligently to assist you in helping pay for your education. To that end, rather than charging high tuition and giving scholarships, we have set the tuition for the MSA program to be as affordable as possible.

The following opportunities are also available:

Teaching Assistants

Select MSA students may be hired as teaching assistants (TA) during their program. TA positions provide a unique learning opportunity and a stipend, paid bi-weekly for working with accounting faculty and undergraduate students.

Individual instructors are responsible for hiring their TAs for their courses. If you are interested, contact the MSA Academic Director, Troy Janes, for more details.

Financial Aid at Purdue

The University's Division of Financial Aid helps students find ways to eliminate financial barriers to a Purdue education. Use this resource to learn about available types of financial aid, how to apply for aid, and much more.

Making Giant Leaps Possible, Together

Purdue is committed to making higher education affordable for its students. Do not hesitate to speak to MSA Academic Director Troy Janes about further financial aid opportunities.