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MSHRM Curriculum

The rigorous curriculum of the MSHRM program requires an intense devotion and will to learn. To experience unhindered ambition and energy – from your peers, instructors, and within yourself – enroll at Purdue today.

At Krannert, you will have numerous opportunities to enhance your leadership acumen. Requirements for the MSHRM degree are met in 6 modules (3 semesters). 

To earn a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management (MSHRM), students must complete at least 48 hours of coursework in the following areas:


Master of Science in HR Management Requirements

Course Credit Hours
MSHRM Core Courses 12
MBA Core Courses 8
MSHRM Elective 16
Human Capital Consulting Project (Experiential Learning) 4
MBA Electives 8
Total 48


Human Resource Management Core Coursework

Course Credit Hours
Human Resource Systems (OBHR 631) 3
Industrial Relations 1 (OBHR 640) 2
Compensation & Rewards (OBHR 642) 3
Staffing Tools (OBHR 644) 2
Staffing Systems (OBHR 645) 2
Human Capital Consulting (OBHR 690) 4


MBA Core Coursework

Course Credit Hours
Managing Behavior in Organizations (OBHR 681) 2
Employment Law (MGMT 536) 2
Launching Global Leaders (MGMT 591) 0
Business Analytics (MGMT 670) 3
Managerial Communication Skills (MGMT 692)  1


Human Capital Consulting Project

Course Credit Hours
Human Capital Consulting (HCC) (OBHR 690) 4
Total 4

MSHRM Elective Courses (16 Credits Required)

MBA Elective Courses (8 Credits Required)

For a searchable directory of courses visit Purdue's online Course Catalog.