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A Team of Krannert MS Marketing Students Won the 1st Place in the STAMINA IT Case Competition

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A team of Krannert’s MS Marketing program students won the 1st place and a cash prize of $4,000 in the Purdue 2019 STAMINA4 IT/Analytics Case Competition held on September 17. The team, appropriately named The Four Marketers, included students Dhruvi Patwa, Cheitali Thakkar, Sara Hernandez, Aishwarya Poojary.

A total of 47 teams participated in the competition, with a goal to advise LHP, an engineering solutions company, on where to place windmills in Indiana. Participants were given four hours to analyze the data and create a presentation. Out of all the submitted proposals, 24 teams were chosen to present in front of a panel of judges. 

On September 27, the selected teams presented their recommendations to the panel and where 6 teams were then selected as the finalists, and Krannert’s MS Marketing student Cheitali Rajratan was chosen as the best speaker.

The final presentation took place in front of the panel and representatives from LHP at The Purdue 2050: Conference onf the Future on September 28.

“This was our first case competition, we didn't expect to win,” commented Aishwarya R Poojary, a member of the first place winning team. “Some of us observed the other presentations and knew that the judges had a hard decision to make. We were happily surprised by the outcome!”

Because of this competition, Poojary mentioned they learned the importance of storytelling and feedback. Knowing how to present data in a way that made people care was key to their success.

Special thanks to the following coaches and STAMINA judges:

Melissa Evens, Director of the Undergraduate Leadership Communication Studio (LCS). 

Betsy Wiersma, Author, and Creator of CampExperience Network

Hossein Amir-Aslani, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

Joe Moeller, Finance and Pricing, Retired US Post Office

Kelly Hernandez, Senior Vice President of Investor Relations, Leidos

Magda Clyne, Retired Senior Executive, Lockheed Martin

Peter Clyne, Retired Senior Executive, Leidos

Tatiana Holifield-Arthur, VP of Digital Strategy, Pacers Sports and Entertainment

Tim Clyne, Customer Business Manager, Unilever

Todd Brown, Managing Director, The Yard, Private Equity Advisory Board

Tom Barber, Cloud and Mobile Solutions, HP