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Semester Programs


Students desiring to have an in-depth cultural immersion experience through studying abroad should choose exchange and co-sponsored semester length study abroad programs. 

Krannert currently has over 80 semester length approved study abroad programs.  These programs can be exchange programs with another university or a co-sponsored semester program through an international education institution. 


  • Programs which are based on agreements established between Purdue Krannert and another business school abroad to exchange students for semester programs to study abroad.

  • Students pay Purdue tuition but will be enrolled as regular students at the partner university.

  • Over 40 approved exchange programs: Filter the search for Krannert/Undergraduate/Exchange programs.

  • Many course options for core/major courses are available at exchange programs. Elective options can be fulfilled also, but some exchange programs only offer business options and not other subject areas.

  • Due to the exchange agreement, there may be limited spaces available at exchange programs, so early application submission is encouraged.


  • Programs which are based on agreements established between Purdue Krannert and an international education agency that facilitates study abroad programs. 

  • Students will pay tuition and fees determined by the international education agency as well as a study abroad fee to Purdue. 

  • Over 40 approved co-sponsored programs:  Filter the search for Krannert/Undergraduate/Co-Sponsored programs.

  • Many elective options are available for students at co-sponsored programs.  

  • Students who need to take core/major requirements while studying abroad may be restricted to only a few co-sponsored programs and should contact for course information PRIOR to applying to a program.